Nicki has decided to throw shade on Safaree, that she’s in more control of the creative process over Safaree. In my niche of intellectual property, I decided to give credit when it’s due. Safaree has worked on the most successful albums of Nicki’s career. It was due to their romance, they spent history together. Their

Stan Lee Imprints Ceremony

The experience from behind the red carpet was amazing. This is something that will be written in textbooks later through time. History witnessing can have quite the impact. There will be a time when you can tell your children you witness a man that has created such an impactful form of writing. Books are the

Nominated and went Platinum

Khaled hasn’t been able to stop with the major moves. Billboard Billi’s single “Wild Thoughts” with Rhianna and Bryson Tiller and produced by “We The Best Music” went platinum. The hit producers Nasty Beat Makers were involved in the music production. The single’s had writing assistance by PartyNextDoor. Khaled is sitting with Grateful at number

Van Gogh Museum tour guide

Van Gogh tour guide The Van Gogh museum was the experience. Of course it's the busiest museum to see. The wait time alone was the experience. Lol just kidding that was an exaggeration. They have separate packages in the Amsterdam experience. You can skip the line (I’m becoming quite the tour guide huh) lol. The better

All Eyes On Me Review

Let start this thing our right, because you all know how I’m about to be wrong for what I’m about to say. The movie had a good story line, aspects of the movie reached was biographical hierarchy. It went back in time and portrayed his mom from a beautiful limelight. It showed her dark side

Despacito at #1

In music news, Justin Bieber’s number one song by ranking the charts with Daddy Yankee and Luis Fonsi in new hit single “Despacito”. The Spanish song climbs the chart and is the only song that has reached high ratings, along history known song “La Macarena”. Every body knows when that song came out, it made

Kehlani’s BET Takeover

Kehlani was nominated for 2017 BET’s Awards Show alongside biggest selling divas. She’s in the same category as Beyonce and Rihanna. Kehlani’s music speaks depth through her lyrics. An artist whose mixtape got Grammy nominated. She’s killing it with her three different nominations. She scored for R&B selling artist. Her video crazy was also sitting

Mariah’s Empires

Mariah Carey releasing her 15th album, alongside opening a record label. The record label world is not something new to the legend’s lifestyle. Mariah has own two record labels prior to this opening. She is a big part of her own music creative development. She produces and writes her own music. Mariah is no stranger

Billy, the Hero or Villain

Khaled is playing Spiderman in the next movie. Haha I’m just playing, or filling the shoes of a villain in the comic book series. Of course marvel banks in numbers with each superhero flic created. Call that action hero flic. Action hero flic, I’m referring chick flic is names that men titled girl movies. I

Eminem Vs Political Party

Eminem is suing a government party for using his “Lose yourself ” remade in an political ad. It is funny to me first of all that the music was remade for a political party. Can you imagine Obama playing a Lil Wayne song for his ad campaign? I couldn’t help myself I had to point

Budbo App Psychology

Budbo app is a new obsession, my new favorite app. Budbo’s app to help you get over stress due to emotions. For a emotional break down, analyzed to strains is the best way to weed knowledge 101. It’s the psychology seeker in apps, which compares mental and physical together to find out a medical answer