About Anna

Annamated Networks began as an entertainment agency partnered with Hitt Squad Recording Studio. The office is located in Winter Park in Orlando, Florida and neighbored Full Sail University. Annamated has decided to go more for the media side of the entertainmemnt business to expand her writing. The company still offers services online only, but is limited.

Annamated services help musician’s attain the tools needed for for a successful music career. One of Annamated’s services includes voluntary copyright, which makes it easier to have music legitimized and compensated for each performance. The process requires lyrics ot beats obtained from clients, registered by copyright office on behalf of Annamated publishing. A camera crew would be provided upon request for videography and photography services. Beats can be requested from producers through in sourcing and out sourcing. Lyrics or assistance in music composition is available upon request. Musicians, who need branding development can figure how each service compliments their positioning. Marketing and promotions, which include social media navigation and website design and graphics.

The name Annamated was inspired by people’s description of Anna’s cartoon personality.

A wing note symbolizes metaphorical wings to fly in the music business, while making dreams come true as a professional by taking steps at a time.

“Music makes the brain rhythm, with the pulses of a heartbeat”