Let start this thing our right, because you all know how I’m about to be wrong for what I’m about to say. The movie had a good story line, aspects of the movie reached was biographical hierarchy. It went back in time and portrayed his mom from a beautiful limelight. It showed her dark side too, but nobody is perfect. Now the soft topic here I go the biggie impact in the movie. I thought he would play a bigger role, but also showed that Biggie had a good heart towards him. Of course, for the love of brand loyalty I didn’t hear his music like that. It just wouldn’t reach me on the same level. I related more with Tupac’s poetic lyrical literature. The quality of the movie was disappointing. As working with directors for years, there were scenes that were blurry. The scene on the way to casino, you can see the poor quality of the street scene. The movie was very detailed on the artists life, I love that it showed his passion for music deeply. It portrayed in full detail, the abuse from Suge Knight towards his management control over his career. The death showed it was something Tupac shouldn’t have had put his foot into, but as the person he was it was inevitable. Lionsgate should have touched up the editing a little more, but I believe the movie for the legend’s impact is breaking box office records. The movie should have been better and taken more serious.