Khaled is playing Spiderman in the next movie. Haha I’m just playing, or filling the shoes of a villain in the comic book series. Of course marvel banks in numbers with each superhero flic created. Call that action hero flic. Action hero flic, I’m referring chick flic is names that men titled girl movies. I guess that’s implies movies with fairy tale endings. Ok well I’m getting off topic. Khaled announced via Snapchat, will be working will the upcoming movie. The details of what part he will be playing are yet to be announced. I could imagine Khaled as a super hero and he will be saying oh I have the keys to this door and the door would have a matrix scene and they will be blue door or red door kinda of scenario. LOL. But also I am not trend pro on marvel movies or comic books as well. Don’t’ get me wrong I love and have true brand loyalty when it comes to Universal Studios Orlando, my favorite location but also have visited the Hollywood version. Oh but it’s the truth Khaled has imprinted and creating his footsteps with the pep talks. He pep talked so much he got people relating his words of encouragement through their hard times. He also showed picture with director Stan Lee and Spiderman. Khaled is not a rookie to film life, he gained a role in Pitch Perfect that premiered in March. So to take the music world by storm by having all the right merchandise, words of encouragement, and the belief and love of his fans watching him grow. ANOTHER ONE homie!