Budbo app is a new obsession, my new favorite app. Budbo’s app to help you get over stress due to emotions. For a emotional break down, analyzed to strains is the best way to weed knowledge 101. It’s the psychology seeker in apps, which compares mental and physical together to find out a medical answer to cope with pain. I think the app is a genius idea, but for the people who would want to learn about emotions and how it compares to marijuana programming. The strains were broken down into emotions is genius, especially when you love psychology. The study of mind compared to advanced feelings of marijuana, is the way to learn which strain is better for what coping mechanisms. The app has special features where you can learn what buds you are smoking. I like to know what strain, I’m smoking for next time better results statistics or if they even met the number count to reach a next time. Haha you seen I tried to do a statistics joke. Just making sure it didn’t fly over your head. The fact that marijuana is the biggest drug out there in publicity and people are fighting to have it banned. Marijuana is a plant made from the ground, but have all these medications called mood stabilizers. The mood stabilizers are considered felonies for possessing other’s people’s prescription. Xanax kills more people than the actual plant. Even that combination on it’s own would tell you don’t need to program your electrolytes for better balancing imagination. When you drink with Xanax, bad results happen from that type of combination. And people end up dead trying to fade away from reality. The session in the app also shows you the name of all types of bud, and it familiarizes with names. There is a popular grades of bud, and if you hear the name you automatically know them. Those popular grades usually named og (ocean grown) or sour diesel. The mix before the hybrid was mixed together. That’s the usually a rapper in lyrics famous identifier. Music gives marijuana a bigger publicity, than it would have gotten had it not have in the past previous rappers naming strains to be learned. You will hear the blue dream in a song that’s the ony one that comes to my head.