Orlando Chronicles

Annamated Networks played a role in the music business by creating Music Fairy promotions for modeling management. Music Fairy or wingnotes are for exposure to create promotional growth for models. They have the chances to be in music videos, host events, and photoshoots. It gives them the chance to grow in the music industry and

My City Mondays has been going on since 2010. They give chances to different creative competitions to be held for upcoming musicians. My City Mondays engages from producer’s battles to artist battles and more. Musicians have the chance to open for major artists or perform their talent at different venues. The submissions are done online or their personalized app, where musicians submit their links for their music. The artist battles usually have the chance to open up for a major artist, such as 2Chainz, classic weekend with Migos and prior different celebrities.

Preach’s interview consisted of questions explaining his experience in the music business. Preach briefly explains how long he has been in the business which has been for over 13 years, and processes that took him to get there. He also explains the video process and creative aspects of the Fly me to the moon. The creative side of the video and it budgets for video. He also expresses relationships he has developed over his music life. Preach also give advice to striving musicians on how to create a buzz, and not to give up when trying to get exposure.

Shaquille Brown started in music since he was able to understand his ABC’s. His name later changed to Pianoboy. The name Pianoboy formed because of his talented skills of being able to create an instrumental from scratch, specializing in the Piano. Pianoboy has been in the industry since he was young and worked with big names, which have helped him grow his music strength. Pianoboy became a Grammy nominated producer, because of project worked with major selling artist “T-Pain”.

Savvy Savoy was broadcasted on Rollins radio station by Dj Wired. They asked for the progress in his career. He explained the progress of the steps being taken in his music career. Savvy explains about his new album releasing in the summer. Savvy promotes management by Annamated Networks and his personal recording studio Hitt Squad.

Partnerships in the music business will help companies grow in new directions. When companies compliment each other by being in the same field assist in the growth and success of each other’s companies. Hitt Squad and Annamated became a partnership in June. They both compliment companies when joining forces in collaboration. Hit squad and it’s leader mentality comes from Lawrence a.k.a Krash graduating from prestigious Full Sail University, with a major in recording arts and masters in Entertainment Business. Anna from Annamated Networks graduated with a minor in Paralegal, and major in English Literature and is currently involved in her masters in music business.

Annamated and Hitt squad came together in June, with the plan of working together. Anna was developing projects for her musicians, and Krash was the main producer. Krash decided to open an office, and the partnership was born. Hitt Squad Studio and Annamated services, compliment each other when it comes to music. Annamated develops artist’s brand with services like marketing, social media navigation with Hitt Squad Recording Studio, which includes production. The studio was made from scratch and it took months to develop.

Every month Annamated Networks and Hitt Squad comes together to throw the monthly cypher with Moviecrew Host Mike Bake and TGC’ s Mac Glo. The cypher is a filmed event by Annamated’s director Ben Burke also known for his own company BenOfficial Films.   This event is to bring musicians to a place where they feel welcomed. The target audience is usually college students.