Weed Chronicles

Budbo app is a new obsession, my new favorite app. Budbo’s app to help you get over stress due to emotions. For a emotional break down, analyzed to strains is the best way to weed knowledge 101. It’s the psychology seeker in apps, which compares mental and physical together to find out a medical answer
The bulldog bar and café was the coffee shop most visited during my stay. This is the tourist hot spot. The variety of strains available there are gas and very mind cloudy. The environment’s very chill and it’s also a restaurant. At night it becomes on and poppin club. The music selection includes trendy American
View Marilyn Monroe exhibition was beautiful. A 90 years celebration was held at the The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) celebrating the diva’s bday. The exhibition celebrated by including different outfits worn by the legend through her career. They had the pink dress from moments where she performed diamond’s are a girl best friend, in the
Amsterdam is a beautiful place in the world. It’s a place where their culture is marijuana and coffee. Not to forget their amazing obsession with French fries. Berlin were the first ones to invent French fries and the French stole the recipe. I know I sound like a fat ass but when you go over

Love is a personal field when combining a music life career may have implications defects. There’s the famous saying leave your personal at the door once when you walk into the business life. Music is full of creativity and that saying is hard to apply. Personal life can impact the creativity of music creation. If heartbreaks occurs on a songwriting day can be the reason behind the beat or lyrics of song is created. Music is something that relates to an audience, because lyrics are relatable to personal experiences. Lyrics can be made for an audience to learn lessons through the creativity of the creator through production. Some music lyrics or beat may be based on experiences, which are lyrically expressed and musically demonstrated. Drake in his music lyrics relates to his audience because he explains his personal love experiences.