Eminem is suing a government party for using his “Lose yourself ” remade in an political ad. It is funny to me first of all that the music was remade for a political party. Can you imagine Obama playing a Lil Wayne song for his ad campaign? I couldn’t help myself I had to point that out. New Zealand Conservative National Party had titled song used for ad campaign “Eminem Esque”. Gary Williams, atty for Music publishing company “Eight Mile Style, claimed that party felt as if the remade version was not illegal. I don’t know how to remake someone else’s intellectual property was not taken seriously. Intellectual property protects all things creativity. Even if the song is old, does not give another person to remake with permission of creator. The beat was sold by Australian based supplier, and felt that there was no infringement. The evidence and proof is all in the title. If the beat is similar to somebody else’s creativity, even if it’s remade to sound different. It is still considered creative work of original. Joel Martin, spokesman for Eminem music publishers explained that it would be weird going to court against a political party. I would think it’s weird too. Eminem wouldn’t have agreed to be a role model just his story to be told. I’ve included the video and you can hear the base on the beat. Anybody in music would have recognized that beat.