Justin Bieber loved his stay in Amsterdam so much, he decided to call it home. But who else wouldn’t love beautiful Amsterdam. The apartment, he bought for himself was the most beautiful apartment in the city. The apartment itself cost euro wise 24.5. In October since my visit, yeah I might be late in the written time of this article. We all know the homie loves to smoke that gas and premium strains only. His concert took place in the Geldredome Stadium in October. It was the same time of my visit. It was seen during my Christmas and New Year’s stay. He has a very close friend Dutch Dj Martin Garrix, together they were seen playing football and buying groceries. The question here which kind of football Lmao. No I didn’t have enough research to reach that part of the question. Culturally we have two versions of the actual ball’s sports. There are two ball versions. The one you grab with your hand and the one that you kick. Yeah that science of a sport sounded terrible. But this a woman who doesn’t keep up to date with sports, except the Miami heat. I’m kidding I love their stadium of activities. Lol. Terrible. I look at the actual object itself, but you know you have consider my sarcasm. It’s not all that bad. Or maybe it’s in person to reach all possible versions of facial expression to reach for full joke’s potential. I don’t think that the residents of 21 and over crowds feel the same towards his new home. There are petitions signing for the Biebster to leave, I saw in bars. I wouldn’t know why. Maybe they just don’t like Americans. I’m kidding they love all tourist. The more money Amsterdam makes the merrier. Amsterdam generates funding for cultivation of the world’s favorite plant. Lemon hazers, Amsterdam’s favorite strain is lemon haze. The apartment itself is beautiful. It has it’s own balcony with a luxurious elevated beautiful view. I saw the building on my own, but until my research wouldn’t have acknowledged. Dam Square was the apot in Amsterdam. I don’t know why they wants the Biebs out. I don’t remember the name of then bar itself, but I have character witness to testify on my evidential view. I didn’t sign it Biebs. If a person is successful and has the money to modify his own personal choices, let the man spread his wings and soar without limits.