Kehlani was nominated for 2017 BET’s Awards Show alongside biggest selling divas. She’s in the same category as Beyonce and Rihanna. Kehlani’s music speaks depth through her lyrics. An artist whose mixtape got Grammy nominated. She’s killing it with her three different nominations. She scored for R&B selling artist. Her video crazy was also sitting in the nomination chair by best video director of the year, Benny Boom. Her sound matches the 90’s obsession, because it’s spoken from the heart. Not hating on that repetitive music with the same topic, just different beats. The famous hot repetitive trends, who has more money than who. Who is having sex with the best luxurious features, or the prescription list favorites, which is like knowledge on pain pills. It’s catchy and it seems to get a lot following. I can see the not kill vibe if somebody if is their mood. That is the future. Some music still have that positive message in their groove. And to each it’s own. And Congrats girl you are killing it, because your music is a storyline based on a true story. Storylines in lyrics and relatable always win.