Mariah Carey releasing her 15th album, alongside opening a record label. The record label world is not something new to the legend’s lifestyle. Mariah has own two record labels prior to this opening. She is a big part of her own music creative development. She produces and writes her own music. Mariah is no stranger to numbers one’s on the billboard charts, so having an album released to her own label is stepping in a bigger direction to her already CEO status. The record label is co partnered under epic, which is big music label. Epic works for Sony. L.A Reid, CEO of Sony is no stranger in her life. He has executive produced two of her albums, and the relationship has lasted to “Infinity”. LOL. Reid was responsible for her beginnings at Columbia Mariah just finished her Fantasy tour, which included all of her top classics. Mariah’s has aged and remained timeless in the music industry by setting records on vocal chords reach points. A singer’s dream will always be inspired by Mariah voice, when being taught music. A musician that likes to be part of their business development shows more control on her part. Keep doing your thing.