2Pac Shakur statute is being replaced after destroyed, by new owner of amphitheater on Stone Mountain. The amphitheater contained old mixing boards used by the rapper when he was alive. Plaques decorated halls or were probably the main attraction of the amphitheater. Jim Burnett, became owner when he noticed the theater was out of shape

The Bulldog Cafe

The bulldog bar and café was the coffee shop most visited during my stay. This is the tourist hot spot. The variety of strains available there are gas and very mind cloudy. The environment’s very chill and it’s also a restaurant. At night it becomes on and poppin club. The music selection includes trendy American

Justin Bieber vs Amsterdam

Justin Bieber loved his stay in Amsterdam so much, he decided to call it home. But who else wouldn’t love beautiful Amsterdam. The apartment, he bought for himself was the most beautiful apartment in the city. The apartment itself cost euro wise 24.5. In October since my visit, yeah I might be late in the

All Eyez on Me Vs Dear Mama

Of course the day of induction, life is going not going on behind the scenes. When everything is suppose to be going great for the Pac in Thug Mansion. The artist was inducted in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. To reach a rock and roll genre, music has to be similar to

Marilyn Monroe in Amsterdam

View Marilyn Monroe exhibition was beautiful. A 90 years celebration was held at the The Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) celebrating the diva’s bday. The exhibition celebrated by including different outfits worn by the legend through her career. They had the pink dress from moments where she performed diamond’s are a girl best friend, in the

Class of 2017; Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Tupac is being inducted into the 32nd  legendary  (rock and roll ) Hall of Fame. Of course I would write about the Tupac induction. The legendary group Journey, is being inducted, “hey don’t stop believing”. They will also be taking on the stage for a chills and gooosebump moments performance of one of my favorite songs.

Billboard Divas; Nicki’s trophy win

Nicki Minaj reached a record of having more appearances on billboard, than Aretha Franklin. She stated she didn’t want to put the record “No Frauds” out and it came out by mistake. The fact that she added her team Wayne and Drake, which made the song more poppin than it already was. The song gets

Amsterdam life

Amsterdam is a beautiful place in the world. It’s a place where their culture is marijuana and coffee. Not to forget their amazing obsession with French fries. Berlin were the first ones to invent French fries and the French stole the recipe. I know I sound like a fat ass but when you go over

The Shaderoom Jingle by Stefon4u

Stefon made it to the Shaderoom’s instagram. Shade room has 8 million followers, so the views make it to a large audience. Shaderoom, is the go to for all celebrity news and scandals.  Of course Stefon’s brilliant talent gets the star to his meant to be places. He came up with a brilliant version of

T.I Vs. Trump

On Worldstar Hip Hop , our friend T.I.P doesn’t seem to be team Trump. Well who else in the world really is. I will deport myself back to Cuba being a citizen and all. I’m going to stop with the jokes. T.I had some nicknames stored up for the comeback. Trump had the nerve to

Remy Ma Vs Nicki Minaj

The two music icons have started a beef. Of course the music beefing is infamous in the music business. The end to many disasters, musicians either dead or embarrassed publically. Ok I’m going to stop with the jokes. Remy went in on her beef song “Shether”, which was mimicking Nas’ s old classic song “Ether”.

Super Bowl Weekend from the Behind-The-Scenes

​Stefon was invited to perform in a luncheon honoring Mathew Knowles, father and former manager of Beyonce Knowles. The luncheon included guests like Jordin Sparks, Boosie, and TI. Prior to performers taking the stage, press booths were decoratively set up to interview each guest exclusively. Press attendees were guests like style magazine, Atlanta TV hosted