Van Gogh tour guide

The Van Gogh museum was the experience. Of course it’s the busiest museum to see. The wait time alone was the experience. Lol just kidding that was an exaggeration. They have separate packages in the Amsterdam experience. You can skip the line (I’m becoming quite the tour guide huh) lol. The better deal is getting the Amsterdam city card. It gives you variety of tour guides options and the canals you want to experience. If you didn’t know, Amsterdam is known for their canals and is one of the most popular form of transportation. So I’m going to start with a mini breakdown of the artist. I have niche with mental illness, because I admire the talented that prosper as oppose to one’s that let it break them. I suffer from it as well. Artists, being so creative have a harder time in managing their talent. So Van Gogh didn’t think he was good enough, because his art was displayed after his death. In the museum, you can see the beginning of how the pattern of his art turns dark towards his mental break. In the beginning you can see his paintings turn from learning the drawing game to expression in his own talent. The darkest one I saw that gave me the chills is when he started drawing the bat at the end of his life. The bat detail was very dark and you can see it was the only thing that he was looking at. Maybe, because he was by himself trying to mentally fix himself and was paranoid because he was isolated and started hallucinating. He wasn’t rich, so he made with what he had in front of him. The mental breakdown illustrates the turn from bright colors to dark colors. His mother name was Anna, phones didn’t exist so their letters were found and published. He started expressing himself detailing his daily routines what a person in isolation finds more life to make their day. So say in a imprisoned situation, especially when it comes to the mind, the mind starts to find ritual and peace in the things they use to call routine. Theo, brother, was always there for him and their relationship was very close. Van Gogh was building a rage that he couldn’t control, he cut off his own ear and was considered dangerous and was stuck in mental asylum in Amsterdam. He turned to painting when he was depressed. In his last chapter of his life, he went to paint and took a loaded pistol and killed himself on July 27, 1890. He died two days later in the hospital.

He made so much art in his time alone and considered a legend post death. He was named the best artist after Rembrandt for the Dutch. Van Gogh, completed 2100 works and more than 1300 watercolors. He became legend that he always wanted to be according to biography. The museum itself is huge, has over three floors. In the bottom level they have their merchandise store, which is filled with books and all. The food at the restaurant is so convenient; you can pick your choices that range from salads, soups and pasta, you can even have wine to go like a buffet “turn down for what (just kidding) LOL. You can’t walk into the museum with it. They have portable tour headphones sold separately for you to enjoy the written work on the wall spoken at your convenience. I loved it and on my planned part 2 review I will include more pictures.